Changing a flight

Whatever the reason is, we understand you sometimes need to change your plans. Let us explain how to change your travel date, departure time, and destination.

How to rebook

Did you book your trip via KLM, Air France, or Delta Air Lines? Depending on your ticket conditions, you can easily change the travel date, departure time, and destination of your flight via My Trip.

Available flight options

When changing your flight, we’ll automatically show you the best available options. If the price of your new flight is higher, you’ll have to pay the difference. Unfortunately, our KLM Customer Contact Centre cannot offer you alternative flights.

Already checked in?

Make sure to cancel your check-in first to be able to make changes to your flight.

Cancel check-in

Extra options

Did you reserve extra options for your original flight, such as a seat or meal? We’ll automatically book the same ones for your new flight. Please note that the price of the extra options could be higher. In this case, you’ll need to pay for these additional costs, or you can cancel the extra options. If they’re cheaper than on your original flight, you’ll receive a voucher with the remaining value.

Request a refund for extra options

After automatic rebooking

We’re sorry we had to cancel your flight. Usually, you will automatically be rebooked to the next available option. If you’d rather go for another one, you can pick one of your likings. Follow the regular steps to choose a new flight via My Trip.

Bookings with multiple passengers

Travelling with friends or family and only want to change the flights of a part of the group? You can arrange this via My Trip. If your travel party consists of 10 passengers or more, please reach out to us for assistance. We're happy to help.

Flying Blue reward ticket

If you booked a reward ticket, please contact the Flying Blue customer service to change your flight.

Bookings via a travel agent

Unfortunately, you cannot use our online refund system if you booked via a travel agent. We advise contacting your travel agent first, as they have all needed information to arrange your refund. You can find contact details on their website. If you prefer, you can also contact us for more information.


The costs of changing your flight depend on your route, travel class, and ticket type.

The price of your new flight could be higher, in which case you’ll have to pay the difference. If the price is lower than what you originally paid, you’ll receive a voucher for the remaining value.

Frequently asked questions

Need help?

We’re happy to assist! Please note that we may have to charge an administration fee for changing your flight. If you booked the ticket type Flex, added Flexibility to your booking, or are flying Business Class, you don't have to pay a fee.